How to style a basic tee 

T-shirts are a must in anyone’s closet. They’re a great option if you’re looking for a low-key vibe, but you can also dress ’em up too! Also, have we mentioned just how comfortable they are? There’s no need to deal with buttons or hook-and-eye closures either since you just throw them on right over your head. Easy! But not so easy? If you need some more styling inspiration, take a look below 

1. Add Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry can make all the difference in the finished product of your basic tee look. One of the biggest problems with basic T-shirts is that they often appear too boring to wear anywhere less casual than the grocery store. However, sometimes all it takes is a statement necklace to make a basic tee wearable to a coffee shop date or lunch with friends.

Make sure that you take neckline into account when choosing statement jewelry to wear with your basic tee. If the T-shirt has a low V-neck, try layering a long chunky pendant necklace over it. For scoop-necked tees, try a shorter, floral statement necklace that rests above your shirt’s neckline.

2. Go Oversized

An oversized T-shirt is probably one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that exists. Make sure that you have a variety of oversized tees in your closet along with their more form-fitting counterparts. Oversized basic tees are generally more eye-catching and trendy than plain, tighter T-shirts.

Get away with wearing leggings as pants almost anywhere by layering an oversized T-shirt over your favorite pair. If it’s long enough to reach your mid-thigh, wear an oversized tee as a trendy T-shirt dress and pair it with ankle booties or chunky block heels. You can even loosely tuck an oversized graphic T-shirt into the waistband of a skirt to achieve a casual yet chic finish.

3. Dress Up With Shoes

Even though your shoes are far away from your shirt, wearing the right ones can instantly dress up your basic tee and prevent your outfit from looking lazy. Shoes are magical and their magic does not disappoint when it comes to transforming the vibe of a look that includes a simple T-shirt. You want the shoes you wear with a basic tee to make your look appear more put-together.

The shoes you wear with a basic T-shirt should depend on the rest of your outfit as well. Heels are always a good bet because they offset the casual vibe of a T-shirt and add an instant streamlined finish to your look. Dress up cutoffs and a tee with block-heeled strappy sandals. Pair tighter jeans and a T-shirt with lace-up ankle booties to add texture and interest to your look.

4. Go With Jeans

Jeans and a T-shirt are a classic combo for a reason and their power together should not be underestimated by even the most fashion-forward women. Both of these pieces are very casual and comfortable, so together they create an unstoppable

The only thing you need to do to rock jeans and a tee together is make sure that your jeans add a bit of interest to your look. Opt for jeans that are distressed, embroidered, or detailed to balance out your solid tee. If you want to wear jeans that are more simple, cuff them at the bottom to add in some texture.

5. Professionalize It

Believe it or not, you can even wear a basic tee to events that require a little more formality, like on a business trip or to a day at the office.

Professionalize a basic T-shirt by starting with a top in a neutral color such as navy, white, or black. Make sure the neckline of the tee is not too low and tuck it into fitted dark jeans. Try cuffing the jeans and pair the outfit with black pumps and a blazer.

6. Wear a Jacket

Sometimes all a basic tee needs is a bit of layering to spice it up. A jacket or cover-up can work wonders to add a bit of intrigue to an otherwise simple look.

Experiment with different lengths and fits of jackets. Try layering a cropped leather jacket over a longer tee. Match a chunky knitted cardigan with a T-shirt that fits more snugly. Just make sure that the fit of your jacket and shirt show off and complement your natural shape so that your body does not get lost in a sea of fabric.

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